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Table 2 Expression levels of genes encoding functions in starch degradation in parsnip and sugar beet tap-root

From: Starch biosynthetic genes and enzymes are expressed and active in the absence of starch accumulation in sugar beet tap-root

  Psa Bvu  
GWD/PWD 45.8 23.3 AT1G10760
GWD/PWD 19.4 2.6 AT5G2670
α-amylase 23.9 0.0 AT4G25000
α-amylase 10.0 7.1 AT1G76130
α-amylase 19.5 0.0 AT1G69830
β-amylase 62.7 1.2 AT3G23920
β-amylase 14.3 11.4 AT4G00490
β-amylase 3.2 17.7 AT5G18670
β-amylase 22.5 0.0 AT2G45880
β-amylase 4.7 22.9 AT4G17090
DPE1 42.6 13.1 AT5G64860
DPE2 17.1 14.4 AT2G40840
  1. Number of tap-root Illumina HiSeq 2000 reads per million reads (RPM) mapped on reference assemblies of P. sativa (Psa) and B. vulgaris (Bvu) corresponding to different cDNAs of functions involved in starch degradation. The closest homologous Arabidopsis thaliana loci by BLASTx are given in the table. GWD/PWD – α-glucan, water dikinase/phosphoglucan, water dikinase, DPE – disproportionating enzyme.