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Figure 1

From: A change in temperature modulates defence to yellow (stripe) rust in wheat line UC1041 independently of resistance gene Yr36

Figure 1

The effect of changes in temperature on yellow rust resistance in adult plants of wheat lines UC1041 +/- Yr36. A) Mean percentage (%) leaf area covered in pustules at 18 dpi on UC1041 - Yr36 (dark grey) and UC1041 + Yr36 (light grey) adult plants inoculated with Pst isolate 08/21 under three different temperature treatments. Mean values (± 1 standard error) were obtained from six biological replicates. Data was analysed using the general linear model and statistically significant differences are indicated by a different letter (P <0.01). B) Pst symptoms at 18 dpi on flag leaf sections from plants at the three temperature treatments. Uredia can be observed within necrotic/chlorotic areas on the leaf surface.

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