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Table 1 Microarray results verification by using quantitative real-time PCR (RT-qPCR)

From: Organ-specific alterations in tobacco transcriptome caused by the PVX-derived P25 silencing suppressor transgene

Leaf (up regulated transcripts) Microarray RT-qPCR  
EST/mRNA Description Log2 Log2 s.e.
EH617029 Capsicum annuum; WRKY transcription factor-30 5.87 5.71 0.15
EB438730 Dicer-like 2 splice form 2.09 2.17 0.16
EH620111 Pathogenesis-related protein 1B precursor 10.7 14.5 0.53
Flower (up regulated transcripts)  
EH620111 Pathogenesis-related protein 1B precursor 4.0 5.71 0.51
Z11563 Acidic endochitinase precursor 2.53 2.75 0.41
Unchanged transcripts  
EB450395 ARPC3 (actin-related protein C3) −0.04   
AM833694 DCL-1 (Dicer like 1) 0.003   
  1. Expression levels of some clearly up-regulated genes were tested by RT-qPCR. Statistical significance was tested using student t-test (p<0.05), with BH value of < 0.05. The depicted log2 values are normalized median intensive value (n=3) differences of wild type and P25-expressing transgenic plants. The Standard error of the mean (s.e.) is calculated for the Ct values of the RT-qPCR results.