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Table 1 Influence of pre-bloom (PB) and veraison defoliation (V) on leaf area components of Sangiovese grapevines compared to a non-defoliated control (C)

From: Selective defoliation affects plant growth, fruit transcriptional ripening program and flavonoid metabolism in grapevine

  C PB V
Total leaf area/vine (m2) before pre-bloom defoliation 1.7 1.69 1.75
Leaf area/vine (m2) removed at pre-bloom defoliation 0 1.16 0
Leaf area/vine (m2) left after pre-bloom defoliation 1.70 a 0.53 b 1.75 a
Leaf area/vine (m2) removed at véraison defoliation 0 0 1.4
Final main leaf area/vine (m2) 2.52 a 1.84 b 1.72 b
Final laterals leaf area/vine (m2) 1.21 b 1.42 a 1.11 b
Total final leaf area/vine (m2) 3.73 a 3.26 ab 2.83 b
  1. Means within rows followed by different letters differ significantly at p < 0.05 according to the Student–Newman–Keuls test.