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Table 2 Summary of the within tree foliar chemical variation (adapted from Table2 by Padovan et al. [17])

From: Differences in gene expression within a striking phenotypic mosaic Eucalyptustree that varies in susceptibility to herbivory

  Resistant Susceptible
Concentration No. of Compounds Concentration. No. of Compounds
Monoterpenes 12.2 (1.18) 10 6.3 (1.55) 15
Sesquiterpenes 1.7 (1.3) 7 24.2 (4.6) 16
FPCs 5.4 (0.3) 3 0.26 (0.3) 3
  1. From each branch (resistant and susceptible) we have reported the concentration and standard deviation across five branches (in mg · g-1 dry weight) and number of compounds in the three biosynthetically distinct classes of defence chemicals: monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes and formylated phloroglucinol compounds (FPCs).