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Table 2 Nomenclature of functional DNA markers and their allelic series[12, 33, 34]

From: Marker-trait association analysis of functional gene markers for provitamin A levels across diverse tropical yellow maize inbred lines

Gene Polymorphic site/marker gene name-polymorphism) Nature of polymorphism Allelic series and notations*
PSY1[33] PSY -SNP7 A-C substitution SNP A, C
PSY1-IDI 378 bp indel 0, 378
LCYE[12] LCYE-5′TE 285 indel 1, 2, 3, 4
LCYE-3′indel 8 bp indel 8, 0
crtRB1 [34] crtRB1-5′TE 397/206 bp indel 1, 2, 3
crtRB1-InDel4 12 bp indel 12, 0
crtRB1-3′TE 325/1250 bp indel 1, 2, 3
  1. *Allelic variants denoted in bold face underlined letters represent the best favourable alleles as proposed in the references. In the current study lcyE 5′TE yielded no amplification for 73% of the inbred lines invariably. Hence there is an additional notation in the results section for those samples scored as a  0’ allele to mean  no amplification’.