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Table 1 List of evaluated germplasm with geographical region and source country

From: Identification of mildew resistance in wild and cultivated Central Asian grape germplasm

Group Geographical region Source countries Number of samples
V. vinifera subsp. sativa Balkans, Russia and USSR, Ukraine Yugoslavia, Greece, Russia, USSR 110
Eastern Mediterranean and Caucasus Armenia, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, 29
Middle and Far East Afghanistan, China, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Yemen 266
New World USA 3
Western Europe France 2
Unknown   51
V. vinifera subsp. sylvestris Eastern Mediterranean and Caucasus Armenia, Georgia, 16
Middle and Far East Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Iran 27
Other Species and hybrids    
V. amurensis   China, Korea, USSR 8
V. betulifolia   China 1
V. coignetiae   USSR, unknown 4
V. ficifolia   China, South Korea 4
V. flexuosa   Unknown 1
V. jacquemontii   Pakistan 5
V. lanata   Afghanistan 1
V. piasezkii   China, unknown 3
V. romanetii   China 4
V. yenshanensis   China 3
Vitis species (unknown)   China 4
M. rotundifolia   USA 2
Ampelopsis delavayana   Unknown 1
V. riparia   USA 1
Interspecific hybrids   France, Russia, USA 13
   Total 559