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Table 2 Prolamins and non-gluten contents, gliadins and glutenins contents, total protein and starch contents, SDS sedimentation test and 1000 grain weight of transgenics grouped by silencing fragment and promoter used

From: Integration of promoters, inverted repeat sequences and proteomic data into a model for high silencing efficiency of coeliac disease related gliadins in bread wheat

  iTarget Gliadin (μg/mg of flour) Glutenin (μg/mg of flour)   (μg/mg of flour) Protein (%) Starch (%) SDSS Weight 1000
ω α γ Total LMW HMW Total Gli/Glu Prolamins Non-gluten (mL · g − 1) (g)
a C 11.81a 34.61a 23.98c 74.22a 14.62c 9.62d 24.65ab 3.07a 97.45a 32.94a 14.09a 56.17a 12.33c 44.36a
g 15.46a 41.81a 3.27a 61.21a 17.54a 11.51a 29.44a 2.08a 92.11a 35.56a 15.05a 55.13ab 13.02a 43.98a
o 5.59b 8.86b 3.79a 18.00b 14.57b 18.31c 32.77ab 0.56b 50.83b 78.63b 14.59a 55.06bc 11.28bc 40.85b
go 5.82b 7.11b 1.76b 14.20b 10.57b 13.98b 25.22b 0.59b 38.44b 98.36b 15.45b 53.68c 9.86b 38.06b
b   Gliadin Glutenin Gli/Glu Prolamins Non-gluten Protein Starch SDSS Weight 1000
Promoter ω α γ Total LMW HMW Total
D 1 0.74 0.15c 0.58 1.04a 1.62 1.26a 0.46 0.76a 1.00a 1.07 0.98 0.93a 0.90b
G 0.84 0.65 0.07a 0.49 0.95b 1.63 1.22a 0.4 0.68ab 1.00ab 1.06 0.97 0.93a 0.94a
GD 0.79 0.61 0.01b 0.44 0.65c 1.52 1.02b 0.43 0.60b 1.01b 1.11 0.96 0.75b 0.92ab
  1. (a) iTarget, silencing fragments; g, γ-gliadin silencing fragment; o, ω/α-gliadin silencing fragment; go, both silencing fragments; ω, ω-gliadins; α, α-gliadins; γ, γ-gliadins; total, total gliadin content; HMW, high molecular weight; LMW, low molecular weight; Gli/Glu, ratio total gliadin content/total glutenin content; Protein, total protein content in percent of total dry flour weight; Starch, total starch content in percent of total dry flour weight; SDSS, SDS sedimentation test; Weight 1000, 1000 kernel weight in grams. (b) Promoter, the promoter used to drive the silencing fragments; C, control line; G, γ-gliadin promoter; D, H-hordein promoter; GD, the γ-gliadin and D-hordein promoter; the values in the promoter table are means of the normalized values relative to control lines (transgenic value/control value). Values within the same column followed by the same letter are not significantly different at P < 0.05 multiple comparison of means test. Variables with values without a letter are not significantly different.