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Table 2 Descriptions of candidate defense-related genes

From: Characterization of non-host resistance in broad bean to the wheat stripe rust pathogen

Name Annotation Related species Accession number(1) Arabidopsis homolog locus(2) BLASTX score/E Value(3)
  Basal resistance     
PR1 Pathogenesis-related gene 1 Pisum sativum CAE51954.1 AT2G14610.1 200/4e-52
PR2 Beta-1, 3-endoglucanase Pisum sativum AAB24398.1 AT3G57260.1 242/5e-80
PR5 Thaumatin-like protein Medicago truncatula TC100682 (4)
PR10 Pathogenesis-related gene 10 Pisum sativum U31669.1 (5)
  Oxidative stress responses     
SOD Superoxide dismutase Pisum sativum CAA39819.1 AT5G18100.1 181/5e-61
CAT Catalase Pisum sativum BAH37035.1 AT1G20620.1 828/0
  Papillary callose formation     
GSL5 Glucan synthase-Like 5 Medicago truncatula ABN09771.1 AT4G03550.1 1110/0
  1. (1) GenBank accession number: www.
  2. (2) Closest Arabidopsis homolog identified using TAIR BLAST.
  3. (3) score/E value between Arabidopsis homolog locus and legume species by BLASTX.
  4. (4)Medicago truncatula Gene Index tentative consensus (TC) numbers for cDNAs on the microarray (
  5. (5) No sequence of PR10 in Arabidopsis using TAIR BLAST.