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Table 3 The family of Deg/HtrA proteases in Oryza sativa

From: The family of Deg/HtrA proteases in plants

Gene modela Previouis protein nameb UniProtKB acc. no.c aa Domain arrangementd Orthologs in other plants (this study) Proposed protein name
Os01g0278600 LOC_Os01g17070 Os01g0278600 OsDegP1 Q5NBK7 470 PDia-PDZ n.a. OsDeg-like 1
Os02g0712000 LOC_Os02g48180 Os02g0712000 OsDegP2 Q6ZIR2/B9F2C1 1092e PD-PDZ-PDZ- PDia-PDZ-PDZ At3g03380 Cre03.g180650 Pp1s237_5V6 Pp1s21_327V6 POPTR_0017s03050 POPTR_0004s08740 POPTR_0004s08720 OsDeg7
Os02g0742500 LOC_Os02g50880 Os02g0742500 OsDegP3 Q6Z806 567 PD-PDZ-PDZ At5g40200 Cre19.g752200 Pp1s176_87V6 Pp1s1_203V6 POPTR_0015s08440 POPTR_0004s13440 OsDeg9.1
-LOC_Os03g62900 -OsDegP4 Q84SQ1 299 PD n.a. – not a Deg? OsDeg-like 6
Os04g0459900 LOC_Os04g38640 Os04g0459900 OsDegP5 B7EBF9 445 PD-PDZ At5g39830 Cre01.g028350 Pp1s31_50V6 POPTR_0004s13440 OsDeg8
Os05g0147500 LOC_Os05g05480 Os05g0147500 OsDegP6 Q6ASR0 596 PD-PDZ-PDZ At2g47940 Cre19.g752200 Pp1s8_140V6 POPTR_0014s12970 POPTR_0020s00220 OsDeg2
Os05g0417100 LOC_Os05g34460 Os05g0417100 OsDegP7 Q6AT72 614 PD-PDZ-PDZ At5g36950 Cre01.g013300 Cre14.g617600 Pp1s55_7V5.1 POPTR_0008s07940 OsDeg10
Os05g0497700 LOC_Os05g41810 Os05g0497700 OsDegP8 Q0DH14 722e NT-PD At1g28320 Cre12.g548200 Pp1s196_28V6 POPTR_0004s04650 POPTR_0011s05510 OsDeg15
Os05g0568900 LOC_Os05g49380 Os05g0568900 OsDegP9 Q6AUN5 437 PD-PDZ At3g27925 Cre02.g088400 Cre14.g630550 Cre12.g498500 Pp1s160_79V6 Pp1s198_100V6 POPTR_0001s34960 OsDeg1
Os06g0234100 LOC_Os06g12780 Os06g0234100 OsDegP10 Q67VA4 628 PD-PDZ-PDZ At5g40200 Cre19.g752200 Pp1s176_87V6 Pp1s1_203V6 POPTR_0015s08440 POPTR_0004s13440 OsDeg9.2
Os08g0144400 LOC_Os08g04920 Os08g0144400 OsDegP11 Q7EYD8 496 NT-PDia-PDZf n.a. OsDeg-like 2
Os11g0246600 LOC_Os11g14170 Os11g0246600 OsDegP12 Q0ITK5 472e PD-PDZ At5g27660 Pp1s180_15V6 POPTR_0013s01900 OsDeg14
Os12g0141500 LOC_Os12g04740 Os12g0141500 OsDegP13 Q2QXV8 228 PD n.a. – not a Deg? OsDeg-like 3
Os12g0141600 LOC_Os12g04750 Os12g0141600 OsDegP14 Q2QXV6 593 PDia-PDia n.a. OsDeg-like 4
Os12g0616600 LOC_Os12g42210 Os12g0616600 OsDegP15 Q2QM57 313 PD At4g18370 Cre02.g110600 Pp1s63_95V6 POPTR_0011s02330 OsDeg5
Os03g0608600 LOC_Os03g41170 Os03g0608600 expr. protein Q75HK9 271 PD n.a. – not a Deg? OsDeg-like 5
  1. a First model identifier from the Rice Annotation Project (Build5), second identifier according to the TIGR/MSU nomenclature (Osa1 Release 6.1). b First name according to GenBank/UnitProtKB, second identifier according to the TIGR/MSU nomenclature. c If more than one protein entry was present, the different versions were analyzed by the HHPred platform (, and the one with intact protease domain and (if present) PDZ domain(s) was considered here. Sequences used in this study are supplied as Supplementary material (Additional file 1). d According to the HHPred platform. Abbreviations: aa, amino acids; n.a., not available; NT, elongated N-terminus; PD, potentially active protease domain; PDia: inactive protease domain (i.e. at least one residue of the catalytic triad is mutated); PDZ, PDZ domain. e Sequence was modified based on the EST data ( and comparison with orthologs from other species. f The HHPred platform detects secondary structures similar to RNA polymerase II large subunit from Saccharomyces cerevisiae in the N-terminal part of the protein – this is an indication that the predicted transcription start is incorrectly annotated.