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Table 1 PA variables used in this study and their description

From: Dissecting genetic architecture of grape proanthocyanidin composition through quantitative trait locus mapping

PA traits Skin/Seeda Definition Biological/biochemical significance
Total content
concP +/+ mg/g fresh tissue Biosynthesis intensity per gram of tissue
concB +/+ mg/berry Taking berry size into account
concK +/+ mg/Kg berries Taking yield related-trait into account
Subunit percentage   100·(subunit content)/(total content)b Assessment of partitioning efficiency of
catEx +/+ (+)-catechin Extension subunit PA biosynthesis among different subunits
epiEx +/+ (-)-epicatechin Extension subunit  
galEx +/+ (-)-epicatechin-3-O-gallate Extension subunit  
egcEx +/- (-)-epigallocatechin Extension subunit  
catT +/+ (+)-catechin Terminal subunit/monomer  
epiT +/+ (-)-epicatechin Terminal subunit/monomer  
galT +/- (-)-epicatechin-3-O-gallate Terminal subunit/monomer  
Composite variables
mDP +/+ mean Degree of Polymerisation(Total number of extension and terminal/monomer subunits)/(Number of terminal subunit/monomer) Assessment of PA polymer size
F3pr35c +/- (catEx + epiEx + galEx + catT + epiT)/(egcEx) Assessment of flux between B-ring di-OH and tri-OH subunits
Ftranscis_Exc +/+ Skin:catEx/(epiEx + galEx + egcEx)
Seed: catEx/(epiEx + galEx)
Assessment of flux between 2,3-trans subunit and 2,3-cis subunit in extension part
Ftranscis_Tc +/+ Skin: catT/epiT
Seed: catT/(epiT + galT)
Assessment of flux between 2,3-trans subunit and 2,3-cis subunit in terminal part
Ftrancis_allc +/+ Skin: (catEx + catT)/(epiEx + galEx + egcEx + epiT)
Seed: (catEx + catT)/(epiEx + galEx + epiT + galT)
Global assessment of flux between 2,3-trans subunit and 2,3-cis subunit(extension + terminal/monomer)
  1. a Presence/Absence (indicated by +/-) of a given trait in grape berry tissues.
  2. b based on PA content expressed in mg/g fresh tissue
  3. c F for Flux.