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Table 6 Expression of RNA silencing related transcripts in AC2 expressing tobacco leaves

From: Expression of geminiviral AC2 RNA silencing suppressor changes sugar and jasmonate responsive gene expression in transgenic tobacco plants

EST/mRNA Fold Gene description EST/mRNA Fold Gene description
FG163572 2.7 Arabidopsis thaliana AGO5 (ARGONAUTE 5) TA12909_4097 0.27 Histone 3
DW002999 2.6 Arabidopsis thaliana KTF1 CV017977 0.33 Histone H3 related
EB432235 2.3 Nicotiana tabacum NtROS1, repressor of silencing 1, DW003379 0.36 Histone 3 Camellia sinensis
FG147325 2.2 Ricinus communis N-acetyltransferase, putative, mRNA FG636738 0.36 Ricinus communis histone H2A,
EB683859 2.1 Medicago truncatula GCN5-related N-acetyltransferase FG636738 0.37 Ricinus communis histone H2AmRNA
TA19898_4097 0.49 Structural maintenance of chromosomes protein 4 DW003245 0.39 Histone 3 [Camellia sinensis
TA15035_4097 0.46 Chromomethylase-like protein Nicotiana tabacum| FG637321 0.40 Nicotiana tabacum H3 histone,
    EB449808 0.41 Populus trichocarpa histone 2
    EB678867 0.43 Arabidopsis thaliana histone H3
    CV017209 0.43 Capsicum annuum histone H4 mRNA
    FG641470 0.43 Arabidopsis thaliana histone H3
    BQ843162 0.43 Solanum melongena histone H4-like protein
    FG645490 0.44 Arabidopsis thaliana histone H3 like protein
    FG638902 0.44 N.tabacum mRNA for histone H2B1
    FG645490 0.45 Arabidopsis lyrata histone H3, mRNA
    CV019874 0.45 Nicotiana tabacum histone H4
    DW004009 0.46 Nicotiana tabacum H2A histone
    CV019731 0.46 Histone H2A related cluster
  1. Fold change is indicated as a ratio of AC2/WT calculated from normalized median intensity values (n = 3).