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Table 3 Defence, and jasmonic acid related up-regulated transcripts in AC2 expressing tobacco leaves

From: Expression of geminiviral AC2 RNA silencing suppressor changes sugar and jasmonate responsive gene expression in transgenic tobacco plants

Defense response Jasmonate biosynthesis and signaling
EST/mRNA Fold Gene description EST/mRNA Fold Gene description
TA16340_4097 8.5 Medicago truncatula Annexin FG638546 3.8 Nicotiana tabacum PLA2 protein
FG636567 5.1 Nicotiana tabacum NtEIG-C29 FG638546 4.1 Nicotiana tabacum PLA2 protein
TA11690_4097 4.1 Nicotiana tabacum SAR8.2d protein CV020743 3.7 Nicotiana tabacum PLA2 protein
AY775034 3.9 Nicotiana tabacum Avr9/Cf-9 protein CV017220 2.0 Nicotiana tabacum PLA2 protein
TA11684_4097 3.9 Nicotiana tabacum Sar8.2c EB681141 4.5 Nicotiana attenuata lipoxygenase
EH622972 3.8 Nicotiana tabacum Sar8.2j DR752068 4.3 Nicotiana attenuata lipoxygenase
EB440996 3.8 Pathogenesis-related protein EB430793 3.7 Nicotiana attenuata lipoxygenase
EH621322 3.6 Nicotiana tabacum SAR8.2e protein EB447101 2.9 Nicotiana attenuata lipoxygenase
EH622818 3.3 Nicotiana tabacum: SAR8.2c protein DV160344 2.1 Nicotiana attenuata lipoxygenase
EH619416 2.5 Capsicum annuum Defensin J1-2 FG644491 8.0 Solanum tuberosum allene oxide syntase
TA14524_4097 2.4 Nicotiana tabacumAvr9/Cf-9 protein 65 TA15530_4097 2.6 Solanum lycopersicum 12-oxophytodienoate reductase 3
EH620366 2.2 Nicotiana benthamiana Respiratory burst oxidase TA15531_4097 2.0 Solanum lycopersicum 12-oxophytodienoate reductase 3
CV018796 2.1 SAR8.2m protein related cluster DW004249 2.0 Nicotiana tabacum Allene oxide cyclase
BP132210 2.1 Populus trichocarpa TIR-NBS disease resistance-like protein AJ308487 2.4 Nicotiana tabacum Allene oxide cyclase
TA18382_4097 2.0 Avr9/Cf-9 rapidly elicited protein 14 AJ308487 2.5 Nicotiana tabacum Allene oxide cyclase
Scavenging of reactive oxygen species (ROS) EB427874 2.4 Nicotiana tabacum NtJAZ1 protein
DW000487 14.7 Glutaredoxin-C13 EB448804 2.7 Nicotiana tabacum NtJAZ1 protein
AY074787 4.7 Nicotiana tabacum Dehydroascorbate reductase TA15051_4097 3.4 Nicotiana tabacum NtJAZ1 protein
FG637828 2.8 Nicotiana tabacum peroxidase EB681065 2.0 Nicotiana tabacum NtJAZ1 protein
TA12995_4097 2.7 Nicotiana sylvestris phospholipid hydroperoxide glutathione peroxidase EB445549 2.4 Nicotiana tabacum NtJAZ3 protein
EH622305 2.7 Glutathione S-transferase EB427874 2.9 TIFY protein of group II and jasmonic acid-related stress response
EB439671 2.7 Nicotiana alata Thioredoxin H CV016937 2.7 TIFY protein of group II and jasmonic acid-related stress response
FG143852 2.1 Solanum tuberosum peroxidase (prx2) Jasmonic acid responsive genes
CV018765 2.1 Nicotiana tabacum thioredoxin EH615998 27.7 Nicotiana tabacum nictaba (NT1)
  EH615198 23.4 Nicotiana tabacum nictaba (NT1)
EF532799 2.1 Nicotiana tabacum catalase EB444740 5.6 Nicotiana glutinosa 1-aminocyclo-propane-1-carboxylic acid oxidase (ACC oxidase)
    FG633784 5.2 Solanum lycopersicum anthocyanin acyltransferase
    NP917355 4.9 Nicotiana tabacum ERF1
  1. Fold change is indicated as a ratio of AC2/WT calculated from normalized median intensity values (n = 3).