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Figure 6

From: Requirement of proline synthesis during Arabidopsis reproductive development

Figure 6

Subcellular localisation of P5CR. Confocal images of protoplasts isolated in medium containing 0.45 M sorbitol and a water infiltrated leaf displayed in false colour. A-D: Protoplast of a stably transformed plant expressing a P5CR-GFP fusion protein under the control of the CaMV-35S promoter. E-H: Wild type Col-8 protoplast photographed under identical conditions. I, J: Confocal section through the palisade parenchyma of a water-infiltrated leaf of a P5CR-GFP overexpressing plant viewed from the adaxial side. A,E,I: GFP fluorescence. B,F: Chlorophyll autofluorescence. C,G,J: Overlay of GFP and chlorophyll fluorescence. D,H: Merge of chlorophyll fluorescence with a brightfield image. Scale bars = 5 μm.

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