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Figure 2

From: A stress inducible SUMO conjugating enzyme gene (SaSce9) from a grass halophyte Spartina alterniflora enhances salinity and drought stress tolerance in Arabidopsis

Figure 2

Complementation of the yeast Ubc9 - ts mutation by expression of the SaSce9. (a) Schematic representation of yeast expression vector (pVTL260-SaSce9) used for complementation assay, containing an ORF of SaSce9 cloned at NheI and BamHI site driven by ADH promoter; (b) Strains used in this experiment. Ubc9-Ts: temperature sensitive mutant for SUMO conjugating enzyme of Saccharomyces cerevisiae; pVTL260: Ubc9-Ts mutant carrying only vector as control; SaSce9: Ubc9-Ts mutant carrying pVTL260-SaSce9 of Spartina alterniflora; (c) Growth of yeast strains at 25°C; and (d) Growth of yeast strains at 37°C on solid yeast, peptone, and dextrose containing (YPD) media for 3 days.

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