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Figure 1

From: Analysis of T-DNA integration and generative segregation in transgenic winter triticale (x TriticosecaleWittmack)

Figure 1

GFP accumulation in transgenic lines as shown by correlative microscopy using white light (A-E) and excitation by far blue light (F-J). Immature embryos (A, F) three days, (B, G) three weeks and (C, H) six weeks after co-culture with Agrobacterium; (D, I) immature pollen formed by the T0 plant TG5E02 isolated from anthers, collected in 0.4 M mannitol and examined under a fluorescence microscope; (E, J) immature T1 embryos from TG5E03 were germinated on K4N medium and their roots examined 5 days after embryo isolation. Non-transgenic tissue domains and segregants are indicated by arrows in B, C, D and E and their fluorescence microscopic counterparts G, H, I and J, where no or only background fluorescence is seen in these positions. Note that the ratios of transgenic and non-transgenic individuals displayed in I and J are not representative.

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