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Table 2 Comparison of telomeric signals on anaphase bridges of tert/nbs1 and tert mitoses using FISH with telomere-specific PNA probe

From: NBS1 plays a synergistic role with telomerase in the maintenance of telomeres in Arabidopsis thaliana

tert/nbs1 tert
Generation Line Bridges Telomeric signals Generation Line Bridges Telomeric signals
G3 K12 4 4 G3 69-1 0 ND
G3 L2 9 7 G3 69-2 0 ND
G4 K12 29 0 G4 69-1 0 ND
G4 L2 0 ND G4 69-2 0 ND
G5 K12 45 0 G5 69-1 4 4
G5 L2 65 0 G5 69-2 3 3
G6 K12 80 0 G6 69-1 10 10
G6 L2 47 0 G6 69-2 12 10
  1. K12 and L2 represent independent lines of tert/nbs1 mutants, whereas 69–1 and 69–2 are two independent tert mutants. ND applies to when no bridged anaphases were available and no FISH was performed. In tert/nbs1 anaphase bridges were detected from G3 on, in both lines; in the majority of fused anaphase bridges telomere signals were detected. Nevertheless, from generation G4, telomeric signals were no longer detected. Anaphase bridges in tert mutants started to occur from G5 in both lines, and in a prevailing manner the bridges bore telomere-specific signals.