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Table 4 Comparison of root system analysis software

From: GiA Roots: software for the high throughput analysis of plant root system architecture

  GiA Roots EZ-Rhizo SmartRoot
License free, closed-source free, closed-source free, closed-source
Platform Mac, Windows Windows only cross-platform (an ImageJ plugin)
Language C++ C++ Java
Root tracing only automated manual and automated manual and semi-automated
Batch processing built-in no no
Extensibility C++ Plugin-API none none
Database support no, but Excel compliant export SQL SQL
  1. A feature comparison of GiA Roots with two free, recently released alternatives: EZ-Rhizo [24] and SmartRoot [39]. Note that traits available for estimation in GiA Roots are predominantly geometric, whereas EZ-Rhizo and SmartRoot estimate traits that are predominantly related to the connectivity of the root system. Hence, the traits estimated in each software do not necessarily coincide; more details can be found in the original papers.