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Table 2 Segmentation parameters

From: GiA Roots: software for the high throughput analysis of plant root system architecture

Thresholding Algorithm Parameter Description
Global thresholding Threshold value Threshold value of pixel intensity to be considered as part of the root.
Adaptive thresholding Block size The size of square regions to measure the average local pixel intensity.
Mean shift Threshold offset that a focal pixel intensity must exceed relative to the pixel intensity averaged over a local region for it to be considered as part of the root.
Double adaptive thresholding Neighborhood size Critical size of a growing square centered on a pixel for which average pixel intensity is calculated.
Bound drop value Threshold decrease in average pixel intensity in square neighborhoods of increasing size that must be reached for a pixel to be considered as part of the root.
All methods Ignore con comp of size less All connected components with fewer than this many pixels are removed.