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Table 2 Enriched MapMan categories testing the 258 NIA pre-selected genes compared to all the genes present on the ATH1 gene chip in the ORA

From: Transcriptome analysis by GeneTrail revealed regulation of functional categories in response to alterations of iron homeostasis in Arabidopsis thaliana

Enriched categories Associated genes
metalhandling.binding, chelationandstorage NAS3, ATCCS, ATFER4, ATFER3, CCH, ATFER1, NAS1, NAS2
redox.dismutasesandcatalases ATCCS, CSD2, FSD1
redox.dismutasesandcatalases WRKY60 WRKY46 WRKY47 WRKY53 WRKY48
transport.metal NRAMP3, MTPA2, IRT2, ZIP5, HMA5, YSL1
cell.division AT1G49910 AT1G69400 CDKB1;2 APC8 ATSMC3
misc.gcN5-related N-acetyltransferase AT2G32020 AT2G32030 AT2G39030
notassigned.noontology AT3G07720 AT5G52670 AT1G09450 CENP-C COR414-TM1ZW9 AT1G76260 ATNUDT6 ATEXO70H4 AT3G14100 ATNUDX13 AT4G36700
  1. The table illustrates those genes among the 258 NIA preselected genes, which are associated with enriched categories.