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Table 2 The expression of RBCS1 isoforms in leaves of different coffee genotypes.

From: RBCS1 expression in coffee: Coffea orthologs, Coffea arabica homeologs, and expression variability between genotypes and under drought stress

Genotype Cultivar Origin Trial CaCc/CaCe
C. canephora
  L21   I 65.93
  14 T Conilon G 1324.28
  22 S Conilon G 247,10
  73 T Conilon G 260.65
  120 T Conilon G 236.71
C. arabica ("pure")
  Rubi S Mundo Novo x Catuaí E 0.00013
  Bourbon   I 0.00014
  Typica   I 0.00017
  Catuaí Mundo Novo x Caturra I 0.00021
C. arabica ("introgressed")
  HT832/1 Timor hybrid E 0.00004
  HT832/2 Timor hybrid I 0.40102
  Icatú C. canephora x Bourbon I 9.33
  IAPAR59 T Villa Sarchi x HT832/2 (Sarchimor) I 3.22
  Tupi Villa Sarchi x HT832/2 (Sarchimor) I 2.63
  Obabã [Villa Sarchi x HT832/2] x Catuaí I 1.26
  IPR97 Sarchimor I 4.98
  IPR98 Sarchimor I 21.65
  IPR102 Icatú x Catuaí I 0.00427
  IPR106 Icatú x Catuaí E 0.03212
  IPR107 Sarchimor x Mundo Novo E 0.12255
C. eugenioides    I 0.00035
  1. Expression was measured by the ratio CaCc/CaCe where CaCc (RBCS1-Cc) and CaCe (RBCS1-Ce) values were obtained using the C18244 and E18244 primer pairs (Table 1), respectively. Relative quantifications (RQ) were normalised using the expression of the CcUBQ10 (in the case of C. canephora) or GAPDH (for other species) reference genes. The CaCc/CaCe ratio corresponded to (1+E)-ΔCt, where ΔCt = CtmeanCaCc - CtmeanCaCe with E as the efficiency of the gene amplification. Leaves were collected from plants grown in the field at the Embrapa Cerrados (E), IAPAR station (I) and UFV greenhouse (G). When known, the reaction to drought is indicated (T = Tolerant and S = Susceptible). All Sarchimors are derived from HT832/2.