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Table 3 Sampling of AS events.

From: Assessing the contribution of alternative splicing to proteome diversity in Arabidopsis thalianausing proteomics data

Set Nr. of sampled
AS events
% of identifiable
AS events
AS loci w. sampled
% of AS loci
Castellana 525 29.3 446 31.1
Baerenfaller 537 32.7 452 34.3
Merged 748 36.3 626 38.1
  1. The percentage of identifiable events that have been sampled (i.e. at least one peptide is present that covers the region where AS induces local variation) and the percentage of AS loci with at least one sampled AS event are provided. The percentages in this table are relative to the number of identifiable AS events and AS loci for the corresponding sets as provided in Table 2.