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Table 7 List of transcription factor-recognition motifs

From: Prediction of transcriptional regulatory elements for plant hormone responses based on microarray data

Motif name Transcription factors Motif Response Reference
ACGT bZIP, PIF, bHLH ACGT ABA (ABRE), various environmental stimuli including light (G box) and biotic stress (G box) [40]
DRE DREB1/2 (ERF/AP2 subfamily) CCGAC Cold, drought [25]
CGCG AtSR CGCG1 Various stresses [41]
Myc Myc CANNTG ABA [42]
Dof Dof AAAG Various regulation [43]
GCCCA TCP GCCCA Meristematic expression [6]
H box MYB CCTACC Biotic stress [44]
W box WRKY TTGAC(C/T) Biotic stress, ABA, senescence [45]
AACCGG unknown AACCGG   [6]
AuxRE ARF TGTCTC Auxin [46]
GCC box ERF/AP2 AGCC(A/G)CC Ethylene, biotic stress [44]
  1. 1Defined in this study.