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Figure 8

From: Genetic variation of γ-tocopherol methyltransferase gene contributes to elevated α-tocopherol content in soybean seeds

Figure 8

Tocopherol concentration in developing seeds of HIF-derived lines. Developing seeds of HIF-derived lines homozygous for either the Ichihime allele for γ-TMT3 (F5-24-10, F5-24-14, and F5-24-15; yellow bars) or the KAS allele for γ-TMT3 (F5-24-7, F5-24-18, and F5-24-22; blue bars) were used for analysis. Seeds were analyzed at 30 days after flowering (DAF), 40 DAF, and 50 DAF. The concentrations of α-tocopherol (A), γ-tocopherol (B), and δ-tocopherol (C) were calculated as the percentage of the tocopherol isoform in total tocopherol content. Data are represented as mean ± SD of the values obtained from triplicate experiments. For each developmental stage, significant differences between the Ichihime genotype group and the KAS genotype group (confidence interval 95%) are shown with asterisks.

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