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Figure 7

From: Genetic variation of γ-tocopherol methyltransferase gene contributes to elevated α-tocopherol content in soybean seeds

Figure 7

Predicted transcription factor binding motifs in 5'-upstream sequence of γ-TMT3. The 5'-upstream sequence of γ-TMT3 was isolated from high α-tocopherol soybeans (KAS, Dobrogeance, and Dobrudza 14 Pancevo [Pancevo]), and typical cultivars (Williams 82, Ichihime, and Toyokomachi). Cis-element motifs were predicted by using the PLACE [39] and PLANTCARE databases [40]. Only motifs where nucleotide polymorphisms occur are shown. CAAT: common cis-acting and enhancer; MYB: binding site for MYB transcription factor. ATG surrounded by green box indicates translation start site. +1 indicates transcriptional start site (TSS). Numbers above the nucleotides refer to the distance from the TSS. Vertical rows of dots represent promoter regions not shown in the figure.

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