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Table 1 Predicted regulators of the Populus leaf transcriptional program.

From: A systems biology model of the regulatory network in Populusleaves reveals interacting regulators and conserved regulation

Transcription factors Closest homologue Functional information Modules (genes)
835874 ASIL1 (AT3G24490.1) trihelix family 19/15 (111/91)
834586 SIG1 (AT1G08540.1) subunit of chloroplast RNA polymerase, response to red and blue light 9/8 (55/50)
562448 K24M9.13(AT3G18640.1) zinc ion binding 7/0 (60/0)
287849 ATHB22 (AT4G24660.1) embryonic development ending in seed dormancy abscisic acid biosynthetic process, response to water deprivation, heat and osmotic 6/0 (37/0)
218677 ABA1 (AT5G67030.1) stress, xanthophylls biosynthetic process, sugar mediated signaling pathway, response to red light 5/2 (32/12)
420425 ATWHY3 (AT2G02740.2) defense response 4/3 (25/21)
740041 ATGRF2 (AT4G37740.1) leaf development 4/0 (24/0)
268609 HTA7 (AT5G27670.1) histone H2A protein, nucleosome assembly 3/3 (14/14)
639804 ATRBR1 (AT3G12280.1) regulates cell growth, nuclear division and stem cell maintenance 3/5 (26/39)
286321 SPL8 (AT1G02065.1) megasporogenesis, microsporogenesis 2/0 (15/0)
576309 T10K17.10 (AT3G57800.2) basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) family 2/1 (12/5)
232345 HTA10 (AT1G51060.1) histone H2A protein, nucleosome assembly 2/0 (9/0)
566736 T6L1.10 (AT1G68920.3) basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) family regulation of flower development, meristem 1/1 (5/5)
663774 YAB1 (AT2G45190.1) structural organization, abaxial cell fate specification 1/0 (6/0)
643213 IAA14 (AT4G14550.1) response to auxin stimulus, lateral root morphogenesis 1/0 (7/0)
281810 ATWRKY44 (AT2G37260.1) epidermal cell fate specification, seed coat development 1/0 (5/0)
643200 ATERF-9 (AT5G44210.1) ethylene mediated signaling pathway cinnamic acid biosynthetic process, 1/0 (5/0)
710397 ATMYB3 (AT1G22640.1) response to wounding, salt stress and abscisic and salicylic acid stimulus, negative regulation of metabolic process cell death, response to stress, ethylene 1/0 (7/0)
725612 ATEBP (AT3G16770.1) mediated signaling pathway, response to cytokinin stimulus, ethylene stimulus and other organism 1/0 (12/0)
594467 ETC1 (AT1G01380.1) involved in trichome and root hair patterning 1/0 (6/0)
  1. Populus v1.1 protein ID is given together with information on the closest homologue in Arabidopsis. The last column gives the number of modules (and in parenthesis the number of genes) regulated by the factor in our systems biology-based network and in the co-expression network, respectively. Transcription factors in our systems biology-based network that are not in the co-expression network are marked in bold.