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Figure 6

From: Isolation and functional characterization of Lycopene β-cyclase (CYC-B) promoter from Solanum habrochaites

Figure 6

Histochemical analysis of ShCYC-B full-length and its deletion fragments in tomato fruits. GUS expression in (A) wild-type fruits, (B) transgenic fruits carrying PCaMV35S::GUS (constitutive promoter), and (C-D) transgenic fruits carrying ShCYC-B full-length promoter D0-908::GUS and its deletion fragments D2-578::GUS and D3-436::GUS, respectively in early green, mature green, breaker, orange and red ripe stages of fruit ripening. The images of different stages of fruits were derived from one representative line harboring single copy of transgene for each ShCYC-B promoter construct.

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