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Table 3 Summary of the S. hermonthica EST sequence analysis

From: A full-length enriched cDNA library and expressed sequence tag analysis of the parasitic weed, Striga hermonthica

Group Records
Number of independent clones 37,710
Number of raw sequences 75,330
Number of high quality sequences 67,814
Number of unigenes 17,137
   singletons 6,818
   contigs 10,319
Average unigene length 775.3 bp
Minimum unigene length 101 bp
Maximum unigene length 3,051 bp
Average number of ESTs per unigene 2.9
Maximum number of ESTs per contig 106
Number of superunigenes 12,272
   with more than one unigene 2,203
   with one unigene 10,069
Number of putative SNPs (pSNPs) 9,299
Number of putative SSRs (pSSRs) 1,445