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Table 1 Herbivores and odor blends used to train C. marginiventris.

From: A tritrophic signal that attracts parasitoids to host-damaged plants withstands disruption by non-host herbivores

Experience Contact (Insect) Odor Blend (Plant)
Naïve - -
SS S. littoralis (host) S. littoralis induced
SE S. littoralis (host) E. variegatus induced
SES S. littoralis (host) E. variegatus and S. littoralis induced
ES E. variegatus (non-host) S. littoralis induced
EE E. variegatus (non-host) E. variegatus induced
  1. Naive C. marginiventris females were exposed to either host or non-host insects (column 2) in the presence of different plant odour blends (column 3). This resulted in differently experienced wasps (column 1).