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Table 7 Non-synonymous mutations and a putative amino acid deletion found in muscat-like aromatic mutants only

From: A candidate gene association study on muscat flavor in grapevine (Vitis viniferaL.)

Sites (bp) NC_012011 SNP Amino acid change Muscat-like aromatic mutants
3762959 SNP 1784 (T/C) S272P Chardonnay musqué 44-60 Dijon
3762826 SNP 1917 (A/G) Deletion GVTKQ 285-289 Chasselas musqué
3762761 SNP 1982 (C/T) R306C Gewürztraminer *
  1. SNPs are named and scored according to their position on VvDXS ORF of V. vinifera PN40024. Sites are referenced to the nucleotide positions relative to locus NC_012011. * = the same mutation is also found in the aromatic cultivar Siegerrebe.