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Table 1 Significantly modulated processes under High UVB

From: Transcriptome changes in grapevine (Vitis viniferaL.) cv. Malbec leaves induced by ultraviolet-B radiation

BIN Upregulated process Genesa P value
4.2 Cellular response overview.Biotic stress 58/240 6.34E-08
5.1 Carbohydrate metabolism.Sugar binding proteins 7/27 4.29E-02
11.4.1 Protein metabolism and modification.Molecular chaperone.HSP 29/131 2.03E-04
16.1.2 Regulation overview.Hormone.Ethylene 21/86 6.84E-04 Regulation overview.Hormone.Ethylene.TFs 18/51 7.90E-06 Regulation overview.Nucleic acid metabolism.TFs.NAC 9/26 1.43E-02 Regulation overview.Nucleic acid metabolism.TFs.Pathogenesis-related 5/15 4.61E-02 Regulation overview.Nucleic acid metabolism.TFs.WRKY 10/39 2.21E-02
19 Secondary metabolism 69/364 3.43E-04
19.4 Secondary metabolism.Phenylpropanoids 41/179 2.03E-04
19.4.2 Secondary metabolism.Phenylpropanoids.Phytoalexins 10/35 9.06E-03
19.4.4 Secondary metabolism.Phenylpropanoids.General pathway 8/17 2.03E-04
BIN Downregulated process Genes b P value
4.13 Cellular response overview.Cell growth and death.Cell cycle 31/142 2.03E-04
8.2.1 Signalling.Light signalling.Blue light signalling 4/9 2.45E-02
  1. aUp-regulated genes in the BIN/Total genes in the BIN
  2. bDown-regulated genes in the BIN/Total genes in the BIN