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Table 1 Evaluation of diverse common bean germplasm for iron reductase activity (μmol Fe reduced/g FW/h) in 12-d-old plants grown under iron-limited (2 μM Fe) or iron-sufficient (15 μM Fe) conditions, and for seed iron concentration in mature, soil-grown plants.

From: Variation and inheritance of iron reductase activity in the roots of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and association with seed iron accumulation QTL

Genotype Genepool1 Seed Colour Seed Fe
Iron reductase activity in 2 µM Fe-grown plants Iron reductase activity in 15 µM Fe-grown plants
G11350 M Small red High (64) 0.835 0.350
G11360 M Medium purple Low (43) 0.454 0.165
G19227A M Small black High (65) 0.879 0.047
G19833 A Large yellow mottled High (70) 1.054 0.123
G19839 A Large yellow mottled High (59) 1.083 0.200
G21078 A Large cream Low (36) 0.049 0.307
G21212 M Small black ND 1.089 0.482
G21242 A Large cream mottled High (90) 0.713 0.528
G21657 A-M Medium cream mottled High (85) 0.639 0.231
G23585 A Very small grey speckled ND 0.048 0.036
G24390 M Very small grey speckled ND 0.187 0.036
G24404 C Very small grey speckled ND 1.039 0.705
G24423 C Very small grey speckled ND 0.180 0.342
  1. 1/*Genepools: A = Andean wild or cultivated, C = Colombian wild, M = Mesoamerican wild or cultivated.
  2. 2/Iron level in parts per million (ppm or mg/kg) from Islam et al. (2002) and CIAT unpublished (iron level given in parentheses [ppm; dry wieght basis]; high = above 55 ppm, low = below 55 ppm, with 55 ppm being the average iron concentration for the crop), ND = not determined.