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Figure 1

From: Medicago truncatula contains a second gene encoding a plastid located glutamine synthetase exclusively expressed in developing seeds

Figure 1

Southern blot analysis of GS2 genes in Medicago truncatula. A. Schematic representation of BAC mth2-53e90 indicating the position of MtGS2a (AC148968-43) and MtGS2b (AC 1448968-42) and the restriction sites relevant for the southern analysis. The position of the probe used for the Southern analysis is also indicated. B. Southern hybridization of M. truncatula J5 genomic DNA and BAC mth2-53e90 DNA. 20 μg of genomic DNA and 5 μg of BAC DNA were digested with BgLII (1), NcoI (2) and EcoRV (3) and probed with a 260 bp DNA fragment corresponding to part of the 5'UTR and coding sequence of GS2a cDNA.

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