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Table 2 Disease reactions of transgenic KM and NB plants to eight M. oryzae isolates

From: Unique features of the rice blast resistance Pish locus revealed by large scale retrotransposon-tagging

   Transgenic lines
Isolate NB (Pish) Vectora) Pish a)
Kyu77-07A Rb Sb R
84-81A R S R
H07-1-1 S S S
Kyu89-246 S S S
Ina86-137 S S S
TH68-126 S S S
24-22-1-1 S S S
Kyu9439013 S S S
  1. a) The constructs were transformed into the susceptible cultivar KM. Three independent transgenic lines for each construct were assayed.
  2. b) R: resistance, S: susceptible