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Table 4 FAE1 polymorphisms between A and C genomes

From: Assessment of FAE1 polymorphisms in three Brassica species using EcoTILLING and their association with differences in seed erucic acid contents

No. Positions Nucleotide Differences Between A and C Genomes Amino acid difference Restriction Enzymes
1 63a C Tb C21=c  
2 72 G A P24= AccI, HindII, HpaI, MjaIV, TspGWI
3 168 C T I56= BsrDI, BccI, BtgZI
4 312 T C Y104=  
5 363 G C S121= EcoRII, ScrFI, Hpy99I
6 417 T C T139= DsaI, SecI
7 531 C T N177= AclI, MaeII
8 591 A T P197= BccI, BtgZI
9 856 G A G286R Eco57MI, EcoRII, GsuI, ScrFI
10 1036 T C L346= BseYI, AclI, MaeII
11 1113 T C D371=  
12 1128 C T Y376=  
13 1140 T C D380=  
14 1146 A G K382= AluI, Cac8I, CviJI, HindIII
15 1155 T C I385= TaqI
16 1184 G A R395K  
17 1217 C G A406G AvrII, HaeIII, SecI, StuI, StyI
18 1464 G C V488= MseI, Hin4I
  1. a63 indicates the position 63 bp from the base 'A' in the start codon.
  2. bThe first base is in the A genome and the second is in the C genome.
  3. cC21 = indicates no change in the amino acid (synonymous variation)