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Table 3 Genes found differentially expressed by AFLP confirmed by qRT-PCR

From: Identification of genes differentially expressed during interaction of resistant and susceptible apple cultivars (Malus × domestica) with Erwinia amylovora

cDNA sequence and annotation AFLP profile Confirmed by qRT PCR
  cv. M.26 cv. G.41  
165-M.26-2R protein kinase 2 R   N
166-M.26-2R protein kinase 2 R   Y
175-G41-48I putative WRKY transcription factor 30   48 I Y
200.1-G41-48I Probable WRKY transcription factor 29   48 I Y
213-G41-48I Probable WRKY transcription factor 65   48 I Y
221-G41-48I WRKY-A1244   48 I Y
200-G41-48I Soluble NSF attachment protein   48 I Y
142-G41-48I Serine/threonine-protein kinase HT1   48 I Y
171.1-G41-48I protein kinase   48 I Y
137.2-G41-48I hypothetical protein B2   48 I Y
176.3-G41-48I protein kinase   48 I Y
171-G41-48I putative leucine-rich repeat transmembrane protein kinase   48 I Y
201.3 G.41-48I Putative leucine-rich repeat transmembrane protein kinase   48 I Y
190-G41-48I Leucine-rich repeat   48 I Y
176.2-G41-48I putative disease resistance protein   48 I Y
201-G41-48I translation initiation factor eIF-4A   48 I Y
201-M.26R LYTB-like protein 48 R   Y
12-G41-48I putative aquaporin   48 I Y
175.2-G41-48I beclin 1 protein   48 I Y
177-G41-48I putative senescence-associated protein SAG102   48 I Y
4.3-M.26-2-I MYB11 2 I   N
194.5-G41-48I ELIP1 (early light inducible protein)   48 I Y
98-G41-48I chalcone isomerase 4   48 I Y
115-G41-2I chalcone synthase   2 I Y
55.2-M.26R SIR2-family protein R   N
137.1-G41-48I unknown   48 I N
176.1-G41-48I unknown   48 I N
84.2-M.26-2I unknown protein 2 I   N