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Table 2 Cytokinin, auxin, and organogenesis-related genes upregulated in apical region of internodal segments

From: Gene expression profiling before and after internode culture for adventitious shoot formation in ipecac

  1a/0a 1a/1b   
  logFCa FDRb logFCa FDRb description gene name
TRINITY_DN12309_c0_g1_i2.p1 3.5 9.3E-09 2.2 1.6E-03 adenylate isopentenyltransferase 3, chloroplastic IPT3
TRINITY_DN11300_c0_g1_i1.p1 4.6 5.6E-28 5.3 1.7E-27 cytokinin riboside 5′-monophosphate phosphoribohydrolase LOG7 LOG7
TRINITY_DN17801_c3_g3_i4.p1 1.1 7.5E-06 1.3 2.9E-05 histidine-containing phosphotransfer protein 1-like AHP1
TRINITY_DN19500_c0_g1_i1.p1 1.5 3.7E-09 2.0 2.2E-10 adenine phosphoribosyltransferase 1-like APT1
TRINITY_DN14544_c0_g1_i5.p3 3.4 6.7E-20 1.2 1.2E-04 adenine phosphoribosyltransferase 5-like APT5
TRINITY_DN16686_c0_g2_i2.p1 4.2 8.3E-35 3.4 2.1E-24 cytokinin dehydrogenase 6-like CKX6
TRINITY_DN12412_c0_g1_i1.p1 3.4 6.0E-34 3.8 2.9E-32 indole-3-acetic acid-amido synthetase GH3.6-like GH3.6
TRINITY_DN17258_c0_g1_i1.p1 2.6 1.9E-66 1.5 3.5E-14 auxin response factor 5 ARF5
TRINITY_DN16500_c2_g2_i2.p1 8.4 8.7E-19 8.3 1.9E-17 AP2-like ethylene-responsive transcription factor PLT2 PLT2
TRINITY_DN8909_c0_g1_i1.p1 7.3 1.8E-10 3.7 2.0E-06 protein CUP-SHAPED COTYLEDON 2-like CUC2
TRINITY_DN18727_c1_g1_i2.p1 3.2 2.3E-05 3.3 1.6E-04 ethylene-responsive transcription factor ESR2-like ESR2
TRINITY_DN19423_c2_g6_i1.p1 1.6 2.6E-10 1.8 1.6E-09 dof zinc finger protein DOF3.4-like DOF3.4
TRINITY_DN12019_c0_g1_i1.p1 1.4 1.4E-08 1.1 1.7E-04 CYCLIN-D3–1-like CYCD3;1
TRINITY_DN17398_c0_g7_i1.p1 6.5 4.6E-112 7.3 2.4E-96 cytochrome P450 78A5-like CYP78A5
TRINITY_DN12516_c0_g1_i1.p1 2.0 2.2E-04 3.5 2.2E-07 cytochrome P450 711A1 CYP711A
TRINITY_DN21545_c1_g3_i3.p1 7.1 9.0E-51 6.1 1.8E-40 LOB domain-containing protein 18 LBD18
TRINITY_DN20611_c3_g4_i1.p1 2.5 2.2E-39 1.2 3.6E-07 LOB domain-containing protein 21-like LBD21
TRINITY_DN17808_c9_g1_i1.p1 9.2 7.4E-87 2.9 3.2E-21 LOB domain-containing protein 25 LBD25
  1. aFC fold change, bFDR false discovery rate