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Table 2 Closest homologues to the nine PPR proteins with identified RNA targets

From: Chloroplastic pentatricopeptide repeat proteins (PPR) in albino plantlets of Agave angustifolia Haw. reveal unexpected behavior

Transcript ID RNA targets Homologs in A. thaliana PPR subfamily (class) E-value Identity (%) RNA targets References
AaPPR1 ycf1 AT4G35130 PLS (DYW) 0 51
AaPPR2 rpoC1, rps12 AT2G29760 (OTP81/QED1) PLS (DYW) 0 55 ・Editing of accD, matK, ndnB, rpoB and rps12. [56]
AaPPR5 trnK-UUU AT4G18520 (SEL1/PDM1) PLS (PLS) 0 54 ・Processing of rpoA.
・Editing of accD.
・Splicing of ndhA and trnK.
AaPPR6 rps16, petN, atpE AT4G16390 (SVR7) P (SMR) 0 63 ・Transcription of ATP synthase subunits (atpB/E, atpH and atpF) and psaJ.
Accumulation of ATP synthase subunits (atpA, atpB, atpE and atpF).
・Translation rbcL and atpB/E.
AaPPR10 rpoC1, psbC, petA, rrn23 GRMZM2G025409 (ZmPPR5) P 0 70 ・Stabilizing unspliced precursor of trnG-UCC by inhibiting an endonucleolytic cleveage event.
Possible association with rpl16.
Indirect association with reduction in rRNA processing.
AaPPR11 ycf2 AT4G30825 (BFA2) P 0 60 ・Barrier to prevent the atpH/F transcript degradation by exoribonucleases by binding to the consensus of the atpF/A intergenic region [62]
AaPPR13 atpA, rps14, trnI-GAU, ycf1 AT5G13770 P 0 50
AaPPR15 rbcL, rpl33 AT2G02980 (OTP85) PLS (DYW) 0 57 ・Editing of ndhD [63]
AaPPR18 ycf2, psbD, psbC, psaB, ndhG AT4G02750 PLS (DYW) 1.00E-117 45