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Table 6 DDEGs in different structures annotated as “DNA-binding transcription factor activity” (GO:0003700)

From: Comparative transcriptomics identifies candidate genes involved in the evolutionary transition from dehiscent to indehiscent fruits in Lepidium (Brassicaceae)

  Ortholog ID Ortholog name Ortholog description (based on TAIR) Reg
flower vs. bud AT3G15540.1 IAA19, MSG2 Stamen filaments development 4,8
AT5G47230.1 AtMACD1, ERF102, ERF5 Stress response, leaf growth 5,3
fruit vs. flower AT2G20180.2 PIF1, PIL5 Phytochrome-mediated seed germination 2,7
AT3G01530.1 ATMYB57, MYB57 Stamen and nectary development -2,9
AT3G15030.1 MEE35, TCP4 Cotyledon, leaf and petal development, seed oil accumulation -4,3
AT3G18550.1 BRC1, TCP18 Arrests axillary bud development and prevents axillary bud outgrowth. Role in flowering control -4,3
AT5G52660.2 RVE6 Involved in circadian rhythm -2,6
AT5G53200.1 TRY Trichome and root hair patterning, phosphate starvation response -6,0
AT5G60850.1 DOF5.4, OBP4 Cell Cycle Progression and Cell Expansion -2,3