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Table 4 Genes that are differentially expressed in different structures in both species and that are  annotated as “DNA-binding transcription factor activity” (GO:0003700). Reg., regulation; L.c., L. campestre; L.a., L. appelianum

From: Comparative transcriptomics identifies candidate genes involved in the evolutionary transition from dehiscent to indehiscent fruits in Lepidium (Brassicaceae)

  Ortholog ID Ortholog name Ortholog description (based on TAIR) Reg.
flower vs. bud AT1G22130.1 AGL104 Pollen development and pollen tube growth -3,0 -3,6
AT1G61110.1 anac025, NAC025 Endosperm cell expansion during germination -3,6 -3,2
AT1G69490.1 ANAC029, ATNAP, NAP Leaf senescence, drought stress response 3,4 2,8
AT2G47190.1 ATMYB2, MYB2 Salt tolerance, Phosphate Starvation Response, Abscisic Acid Signaling, Plant Senescence 3,7 2,6
AT3G04070.1 anac047, NAC047 Flood induced leaf movement 3,3 3,8
AT3G23050.1 AXR2, IAA7 Auxin response, shoot and root gravitopism 2,0 3,1
AT3G58120.1 ATBZIP61, BZIP61 n.a -3,7 -2,5
AT4G10240.1 bbx23 Temperature-induced hypocotyl elongation together with BBX18, photomorphogenesis activated by PIF1 and PIF3 -4,8 -6,3
AT4G27330.1 NZZ, SPL Initiation of micro- and megagametogenesis, patterning of the ovule, differentiation of primary sporogenous cells into microsporocytes, regulation of anther cell differentiation -7,9 -8,7
AT4G28500.1 ANAC073, NAC073, SND2 Secondary cell wall development, phloem development -2,8 -2,9
AT5G13180.1 ANAC083, NAC083, VNI2 Xylem vessel formation, leaf senescence 2,7 3,5
AT5G39610.1 ANAC092, ATNAC2, ATNAC6, NAC2, NAC6, ORE1 Leaf senescence, Termination of flower receptivity 4,0 3,5
AT5G57520.1 ATZFP2, ZFP2 Abscission of floral organs 2,1 3,4
fruit vs. flower AT2G01940.3 ATIDD15, SGR5 Auxin biosynthesis and transport, aerial organ morphogenesis and gravitropic responses -3,3 -4,2
AT2G20180.2 PIF1, PIL5 Negative regulation of phytochrome-mediated seed germination -2,5 -5,2
AT3G23050.1 AXR2, IAA7 Auxin response, shoot and root gravitopism -2,3 -3,2
AT5G64530.1 ANAC104, XND1 Xylem formation, Regulation of secondary wall synthesis -3,6 -5,1
AT5G67300.1 ATMYB44, ATMYBR1, MYB44, MYBR1 Abscisic acid signaling, abiotic stress tolerance -2,3 -3,9