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Table 3 Gene ontology (GO) terms significantly over- or underrepresented in DEGs and DDEGs. Terms of the category molecular function of GO were analysed. FDR, false discovery rate

From: Comparative transcriptomics identifies candidate genes involved in the evolutionary transition from dehiscent to indehiscent fruits in Lepidium (Brassicaceae)

Dataset GO term Fold enrichment FDR
La vs. Lc bud protein binding (GO:0005515) 0.74 3.43E-02
  transferase activity, transferring phosphorus-containing groups (GO:0016772) 0.44 2.84E-02
La vs. Lc flower none   
La vs. Lc fruit none   
Lc flower vs. bud pectinesterase activity (GO:0030599) 10.69 1.48E-02
  RNA binding (GO:0003723) 0.15 8.99E-03
La flower vs. bud sodium:proton antiporter activity (GO:0015385) 14.17 2.35E-04
  cellulose synthase (UDP-forming) activity (GO:0016760) 10.52 3.18E-02
  polygalacturonase activity (GO:0004650) 8.13 8.50E-03
  iron ion binding (GO:0005506) 3.12 3.48E-02
  oxidoreductase activity acting on paired donors with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen (GO:0,016,705) 2.89 4.07E-02
  protein binding (GO:0005515) 0.71 3.99E-02
  RNA binding (GO:0003723) 0.17 1.30E-03
Lc fruit vs. flower heme binding (GO:0020037) 5.11 9.54E-04
  hydrolase activity, hydrolyzing O-glycosyl compounds (GO:0004553) 4.28 1.15E-03
La fruit vs. flower none   
flower vs. bud acid-amino acid ligase activity (GO:0016881) 40.35 1.53E-02
fruit vs. flower none