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Table 1 Effects of NaF priming on growth, photosynthetic pigments and water relations under Al-stress in barley plants

From: Fluoride mitigates aluminum-toxicity in barley: morpho-physiological responses and biochemical mechanisms

Treatments Shoot length
Root length
Plant fresh
weight (mg)
Plant dry
Content (%)
(mg m-2)
Chl a
(mg 100g-1
Chl b
(mg 100g-1
Chl a+b
(mg 100g-1
(mg 100g-1
Proline shoot
(mg g-1 FW)
(mg g-1
C 12.96±0.2c 4.10±0.2c 289.50±3.4b 27.60±0.4bc 86.39±0.5a 35.43±1.4bcd 10.14±0.4b 4.57±0.24bc 14.71±0.2cd 7.38±0.39b 4.24±0.3ab 0.53±0.03e
Al0.5 10.00±00d 3.66±0.1cd 222.13±6.8de 30.00±2.1b 80.33±0.5bc 31.01±1.3cde 8.83±0.3bcd 3.85±0.15d 12.68±0.5ef 5.53±0.22c 4.89±0.4ab 1.52±0.14cd
Al1 10.03±0.1d 3.00±00de 200.20±0.8ef 17.50±0.3ef 75.21±0.5d 29.28±1.2def 8.18±0.3cd 3.05±0.16e 11.23±0.2f 4.50±0.24cd 4.84±0.4ab 2.39±0.01b
Al2 9.80±0.1d 2.73±0.1e 173.00±2.8fg 16.90±0.2f 70.33±0.4e 28.30±1.2ef 6.08±0.2ef 2.86±0.11e 8.94±0.4g 4.17±0.17de 4.91±0.4ab 3.85±0.19a
Al3 8.63±0.1e 2.40±0.1e 166.23±5.4g 16.06±0.4f 63.86±0.4f 26.81±1.1ef 5.13±0.2fg 2.53±0.10e 7.66±0.3gh 4.07±0.16de 4.99±0.4ab 4.23±0.26a
Al4 6.60±0.2f 1.50±0.1f 114.63±6.4h 14.76±0.2f 56.39±0.3g 23.66±1.0f 4.48±0.2g 1.80±0.07f 6.28±0.2h 3.09±0.12e 5.83±0.4a 4.51±0.28a
NaF 14.03±0.3b 6.06±0.2a 330.33±3.2a 40.00±0.6a 86.88±0.5a 38.34±1.6ab 12.72±0.5a 5.46±0.22a 18.19±0.7a 8.40±0.34ab 3.83±0.3b 0.42±0.03e
NaF+Al0.5 15.23±0.1a 4.10±0.1c 252.43±7.3c 31.06±1.2b 86.36±0.5a 39.01±1.1ab 9.86±0.1b 4.96±0.03ab 14.82±0.1cd 7.88±0.05b 4.89±0.4ab 0.82±0.01de
NaF+Al1 15.10±0.2a 4.30±0.2bc 245.00±4.4cd 28.50±0.5bc 86.52±0.5a 41.30±1.1ab 12.01±0.1a 4.36±0.02bcd 16.37±0.1bc 8.19±005ab 4.31±0.3ab 0.90±0.01de
NaF+Al2 13.80±0.1bc 5.10±0.2b 200.20±5.7ef 25.46±0.6cd 85.39±0.5a 42.75±1.2a 12.45±0.1a 4.47±0.02bcd 16.93±0.1ab 9.09±0.05a 4.89±0.4ab 1.35±0.10cd
NaF+Al3 13.70±0.1bc 4.43±0.2bc 243.06±6.7cd 27.70±0.4bc 80.96±0.5b 37.33±0.8abc 9.23±0.1bc 4.23±0.02cd 13.60±0.2de 9.07±0.05a 3.48±0.2b 1.86±0.01bc
NaF+Al4 9.93±0.2d 3.06±0.1de 159.96±4.1g 21.73±0.8de 77.63±0.5cd 30.62±1.2de 7.42±0.04de 3.85±0.02d 11.28±0.1f 5.46±0.03c 3.10±0.2b 2.10±0.09bc
  1. ‘C’, Hydro-primed seeds + 0 mM AlCl3; ‘Al0.5’, Hydro-primed seeds +0.5 mM AlCl3; ‘Al1’, Hydro-primed seeds + 1 mM AlCl3; ‘Al2’, Hydro-primed seeds + 2 mM AlCl3; ‘Al3’, Hydro-primed seeds + 3 mM AlCl3; ‘Al4’, Hydro-primed seeds + 4 mM AlCl3; ‘NaF’, 0.025% NaF-primed seeds + 0 mM AlCl3; ‘NaF+Al0.5’, 0.025% NaF-primed seeds + 0.5 mM AlCl3; ‘NaF+Al1’, 0.025% NaF-primed seeds + 1 mM AlCl3; ‘NaF+Al2’, 0.025% NaF-primed seeds + 2 mM AlCl3; ‘NaF+Al3’, 0.025% NaF-primed seeds + 3 mM AlCl3; ‘NaF+Al4’, 0.025% NaF-primed seeds + 4 mM AlCl3. Values are means ± standard errors (SEs) (n = 5). Bars followed by the same letter are non-significant among the treatments at P≤0.05 based on Tukey’s test. Chl, Chlorophyl