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Table 4 Genetic diversity of core, primary and whole sets of cultivated-type tea plant of Guizhou Plateau

From: Population structure analysis to explore genetic diversity and geographical distribution characteristics of cultivated-type tea plant in Guizhou Plateau

group simple size Pi Ho MAF AGD GDR
core set 85 0.223b 0.063c 0.145b 0.211c 0.076–0.265
primary set 195 0.230a 0.079b 0.149a 0.217b 0.076–0.273
whole set 253 0.230a 0.082a 0.149a 0.265a 0.036–0.347
  1. Note: Pi nucleotide diversity, MAF minor allele frequency, AGD average genetic distance, GDR Genetic distance range; In the same type and rows, The different letters indicate a significant difference in p = 0.05 levels by the T-test;