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Table 1 Functional characterization of six cassava drought-responsive CC-type glutaredoxins

From: Role of cassava CC-type glutaredoxin MeGRXC3 in regulating sensitivity to mannitol-induced osmotic stress dependent on its nuclear activity

Gene name Transcriptional activation activity a Sensitivity for seed germination to D-Mannitol b
MeGRXC3 + +
MeGRXC7 + n/a
MeGRXC14 + n/a
MeGRXC15 +
  1. aTranscriptional activation activity analysis was performed by using GAL4BD-MeGRX fusions in yeast Y187
  2. bSeeds of three independent homozygote lines of each MeGRX overexpression Arabidopsis were incubated on 1/2 MS medium containing with 100 mM D-mannitol for 14 days