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Table 1 Genome-context information suggesting functional links between YbhB homologs and various enzymes of biosynthesis and salvage of small molecules

From: Florigen and its homologs of FT/CETS/PEBP/RKIP/YbhB family may be the enzymes of small molecule metabolism: review of the evidence

Type of contextual evidence Functionally linked proteins / domains / COGs Taxa in which these functions are putatively linked COG functional categories / Most relevant GO terms // Additional comments
Domain fusions Glucose-sorbosone dehydrogenase, (Pectate Lyase-like carbohydrate-binding module, FN3-like domain) (COG1881, COG2133) Actinobacteria, Gammaproteobacteria Carbohydrate transport and metabolism / Hydrolase activity, acting on glycosyl bonds
Operons Dialkylmaleic anhydride synthesis and conjugation module of tautomycin/tautomycetin biosynthesis operon Actinobacteria // Five-carbon substrate (a pentose?)
Phyletic vectors (prokaryotes) Acyl-CoA synthetase, NDP forming (COG1042). 220 species Energy production and conversion / ATP-binding, N-acetyltransferase activity // Nucleoside-containg substrate and product
Phyletic vectors (prokaryotes) YbaR/Trm112 activator of RNA and protein methyltransferases; COG2835 233 species Translation, ribosomal structure and genesis // RNA modification
Phyletic vectors (eukaryotes) NUDT3 and other NUDIX hydrolases Mammalia // Hydrolases preferring pyrophosphate-containing substrates (nucleoside phosphates or phospholipids)
Shared putative regulatory motifs RlmA 23S rRNA m(1)G745 methyltransferase (COG2226) Enterobacteriaceae Coenzyme transport and metabolism / rRNA base methylation
Shared putative regulatory motifs YobB putative carbon-nitrogen hydrolase family protein (COG0388) Enterobacteriaceae Energy production and conversion / Nitrogen compound metabolic process
Shared putative regulatory motifs AdrB c-di-GMP phosphodiesterase (COG2200) Enterobacteriaceae Signal transduction mechanisms / Cellular response to DNA damage stimulus // Nucleoside substrate
Integrated evidence RlhA 23S rRNA 5-hydroxycytidine C2501 synthase (COG0826) n/a Signal transduction mechanisms / rRNA processing, rRNA modification
  1. See text for a more detailed characterization of each putative functional link