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Table 5 The correlation coefficients between 4 traits

From: QTL mapping for growth-related traits by constructing the first genetic linkage map in Simao pine

  PH2016 BD2016 PH2017 BD2017 NL2017 ND2017 PH2018 BD2018 NL2018 ND2018
PH2016 1          
BD2016 0.695b 1         
PH2017 0.755b 0.578b 1        
BD2017 0.246a 0.178 0.360b 1       
NL2017 0.269b 0.186 0.366b 0.611b 1      
ND2017 0.302b 0.323b 0.375b 0.287b 0.320b 1     
PH2018 0.595b 0.389b 0.703b 0.582b 0.514b 0.290b 1    
BD2018 0.372b 0.223a 0.454b 0.663b 0.447b 0.307b 0.595b 1   
NL2018 0.439b 0.358b 0.480b 0.453b 0.412b 0.436b 0.530b 0.603b 1  
ND2018 0.308b 0.314b 0.345b 0.288b 0.275b 0.373b 0.414b 0.277b 0.481b 1
  1. asignificant at p < 0.05, bsignificant at p < 0.01