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Table 5 Erianthus accessions used in this study

From: Erianthus germplasm collection in Thailand: genetic structure and phylogenetic aspects of tetraploid and hexaploid accessions

Species No. of accessions No. of chromosomes Ploidy Phenotype a Map Nos. b
E. arundinaceus 61 60 Hexaploid Type I 1–61
E. arundinaceus 10 60 Hexaploid Type II 62–71
E. arundinaceus 16 40 Tetraploid Type III 72–87
E. procerus 34 40 Tetraploid E. procerus 88–121
  1. a Classification based on phenotypic traits [9]
  2. b Accession numbers correspond to those in Table S2 and Fig. S1