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Table 3 Significantly overrepresented gene ontology terms during the symbiotic germination of C. appendiculata with C. disseminatus DJF-10

From: Biochemical and transcriptomic analyses of the symbiotic interaction between Cremastra appendiculata and the mycorrhizal fungus Coprinellus disseminatus

Code GO Term SY1/CA Q-value SY2/SY1 SY3/SY2
Molecular function
GO:0020037 Heme binding 1.53E-11 1.17E-09 2.19E-14
GO:0004497 Monooxygenase activity 1.92E-11 8.15E-09 9.85E-12
 GO:0051213 Dioxygenase activity 7.88E-05 9.08E-05 0.000427
 GO:0004601 Peroxidase activity 0.000302 0.028842 2.37E-05
GO:0016758 Transferase activity, transferring hexosyl groups 0.000308 2.82E-06 0.000111
GO:0016705 Oxidoreductase activity, acting on paired donors, with incorporation or reduction of molecular oxygen 0.000955 0.002064 5.36E-06
GO:0005506 Iron ion binding 0.00119 0.034884 2.71E-05
 GO:0051787 Misfolded protein binding 0.002192 0.001156 2.22E-07
 GO:0016747 Transferase activity, transferring acyl groups other than amino-acyl groups 0.002288 0.003067 4.85E-11
 GO:0005200 Structural constituent of cytoskeleton 0.002973 0.012555 0.000248
 GO:0003700 DNA-binding transcription factor activity 0.006013 0.005378 2.42E-06
 GO:0031072 Heat shock protein binding 0.005378 6.13E-05 6.74E-15
 GO:0051082 Unfolded protein binding 0.029129 9.41E-11 6.95E-38
 GO:0030246 Carbohydrate binding 0.046851 2.05E-21 5.90E-08
Cellular component
 GO:0048046 Apoplast 3.80E-05 8.62E-05 2.74E-09
 GO:0005576 Extracellular region 0.020282 2.24E-06 8.25E-14
Biological process
 GO:0042744 Hydrogen peroxide catabolic process 3.73E-06 0.001527 1.08E-06
 GO:0006979 Response to oxidative stress 0.000395 0.007245 5.89E-10
 GO:0006986 Response to unfolded protein 0.000395 0.007245 5.89E-10
 GO:0034620 Cellular response to unfolded protein 0.001175 0.01359 1.84E-09
 GO:0007017 Microtubule-based process 0.001722 0.005323 0.000165
 GO:0051085 Chaperone cofactor-dependent protein refolding 0.002231 0.003581 3.08E-10
 GO:0009664 Plant-type cell wall organization 0.006583 0.000291 0.000293
 GO:0045490 Pectin catabolic process 0.007005 0.000102 0.013441
 GO:0006457 Protein folding 0.047891 4.43E-09 2.36E-25
  1. Round (filled) circles represent the GO terms were overrepresented during mycorrhizal fungus Tulasnella sp. symbioses with Bletilla striata [29]