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Table 4 Leaf dry mass per area (LMA), leaf thickness (LT), leaf density (LD) and the ratio between palisade and spongy mesophyll thickness (PT/ST) for tomato seedlings under the well-watered (CK) and drought conditions

From: Coordination of leaf hydraulic, anatomical, and economical traits in tomato seedlings acclimation to long-term drought

Treatment LMA (g m−2) LT (mm) LD (g cm−3) PT/ST (µm µm−1)
CK 54.37±2.1 a 0.30±0.01 a 0.18±0.01 b 0.65±0.02 b
Drought 50.09±1.5 a 0.25±0.01 b 0.21±0.01 a 0.92±0.07 a