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Table 3 Major vein width, major vein density (VDmajor), minor vein density (VDminor) and leaf hydraulic conductance (Kleaf) for tomato under the well-watered and drought conditions

From: Coordination of leaf hydraulic, anatomical, and economical traits in tomato seedlings acclimation to long-term drought

Treatment Major vein
width (µm)
(mm mm−2)
(mm mm−2)
(mmol m−2 s−1 MPa−1)
CK 289.43±3.9 a 0.043±0.01 a 6.16±0.1 a 5.03±0.2 a
Drought 252.29±1.2 b 0.045±0.003 a 5.59±0.04 b 0.73±0.1 b